THE RISING STAR: GLEDY WEBYANSYAH, Content Creator; Influencer; Marketing Communication; Dancer

With a great technological development in this era, many youngsters are able to be all-rounders in many fields. They can be anything they desire and follow their dream. One of the multi talented millennials is Gledy Webyansyah. Gledy Webyansyah (25) born in Malang, August 24, 1997 and is one of the content creators and influencers from Malang City with 20K followers on his official instagram (@gledyweby). No doubt that Gledy becomes a renowned content creator across Malang.

Becoming one of Malang’s hits youth, Gledy Webyansyah has been in the hotelier field, especially in working as Marketing Communication for 4 years. He admits that his passion in the showbiz world can harmonize with what he is pursuing now.

This Virgo man affirms that despite being often reported in the media regarding his OOTD and achievements, it doesn’t stop him to persevere more to his potential. 

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“We surely have to upgrade the potentials we have and not be easily content with what we’ve achieved,” said Gledy.

It is unquestionably that he has collaborated with some local brands for promotion on his Instagram. Not only that, his passion in dancing also brings him to be an all-rounder and a performer. 


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