The Port of Aberdeen plans to be the first net-zero port in the UK by 2040

The Port of Aberdeen will invest £55 million over the next ten years in order to become the UK’s first net zero port by 2040. The goal is to reduce emissions and promote low-carbon alternative fuels.

The port confirmed that it has already taken steps to minimize the negative environmental impact of its quayside operations, such as using electric cars and installing LED lighting. Future plans include testing treated vegetable oil on port-owned vessels.

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The chief executive, Bob Sanguinetti, said that the Port of Aberdeen‘s net zero strategy is to provide the UK’s first net zero port. He also believed that in the broader maritime industry, the Port of Aberdeen can play a key role in the emergence of green economic growth and support new, high-quality jobs.

The new, deeper, and wider Aberdeen South Harbour is the UK’s largest marine infrastructure project. It cost £400 million for projects including offshore wind, hydrogen, and decommissioning. It will also be capable of hosting cruise ships. (


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