MS Glow for Men Teamed Up with Gresini Racing For MotoGP

Gresini Racing, a squad based in Italy, welcomed MS Glow For Men as their new partner that would participate in Mugello Circuit and the next circuits. The representative of MS Glow For Men officially published this cooperation on Thursday, May 26, 2022.

“I hope that we can continue this collaboration and MS Glow for Men as one of Indonesian pride products can bring Indonesia’s name worldwide,” said the founder of MS Glow for Men, Gilang Widya, in an online virtual conference live from Italy. 

In the virtual conference, Gilang came with the Marketing Director of Gresini Racing, Carlo Melini, and 2 racers from the Gresini Racing Team, Enea Bastianini and Fabio Di Giannantonio. MS Glow for Men will appear on the machine of Enea and Fabio’s MotoGP Ducati as well as in the team’s pit-box and the Gresini Racing truck. 

MS Glow for Men has been working together with GP Italy since their meeting in GP Mandalika and they look forward to further GP. The popularity of MotoGP in Indonesia became strong and MS Glow for Men believed that they could perform stronger to increase their program activation in sponsorship. 

Carlo Melini thanked MS Glow For Men for the cooperation because they could get closer to Indonesia as their dream destination. Gresini Racing is the first team to launch their new motorcycle and livery for MotoGP 2022. It also marked the beginning of the collaboration between Gresini Racing with Ducati and MS Glow for Men.


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