MyPertamina: Are You Ready to Purchase Fuel by App?

The launch of MyPertamina, a fuel purchasing application made by PT. Pertamina Patra Niaga, has been a hot topic among the society. The application is integrated to LinkAja as the payment application. Starting from July 1, 2022, everyone who wants to purchase Pertalite and Diesel (Solar) fuel has to register themselves to MyPertamina App. Actually, what makes Pertamina establish this application?

MyPertamina exists to manage the purchase of subsidized fuel (BBM bersubsidi), including Pertalite and Solar. Pertamina wants the subsidized fuel to be right on the target and right on its quota. In addition to that, subsidized fuel is also regulated by Peraturan Presiden No. 191/2014. By registering to MyPertamina, it will be Pertamina’s reference to protect people who deserve the subsidized fuel. 

But, why does subsidized fuel need to be managed? According to Pertamina, subsidized fuel is often used by people who do not deserve to use it, or it can be said that subsidized fuel is channeled not on target. 80% of upper middle class people use subsidized fuel, while only 20% of lower middle class people use it. In fact, subsidized fuel is established for the lower middle class. 

How to register ourselves to MyPertamina?

  • Prepare the documents (KTP, STNK, photo of the vehicle, and so on)
  • Open website
  • Checklist the information “understanding the requirements”
  • Click “Register Now/Daftar Sekarang” 
  • Follow the instruction given in the website
  • Wait for the data matching 7 working days at max on your registered email
  • Download the QR Code after getting the confirmation
  • Save the code for any transaction in SPBU Pertamina

The most discussed thing from MyPertamina among the society is the prohibition to use cellphones around gas station areas. Then, how and when to use MyPertamina? Using a phone in a gas station area is allowed only for payment inside the car with the distance of 1.5 meter from the dispenser and it is not allowed to have a phone call. Avoid using phones near the tank, the gas station discharge, and near the filling pump. 

How is it guys? Are you ready to use MyPertamina in your every fuel purchase?


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