Opick Uplifts Spirits with New Ramadan Single “Tersenyumlah” (Smile) for 2024

Bingkai Karya – Indonesian religious singer Opick is back with a new single titled “Tersenyumlah” (Smile) just in time for Ramadan 2024. This year marks yet another year of Opick releasing new music for the holy month, and “Tersenyumlah” is a beautiful addition to his discography.

The song features a more upbeat and catchy melody compared to Opick’s previous works, making it a refreshing and relatable listen. The lyrics, though simple, are packed with meaning and convey a message of hope and perseverance. Opick encourages listeners to always prioritize Allah and continue doing good deeds in all seasons of life, especially during the lowest points.

The underlying message of the song is that there is always hope because Allah is the ultimate controller of everything. By returning to Allah, one can find a way out of any difficulty. Opick hopes that “Tersenyumlah” will inspire listeners to keep doing their best and find reasons to smile again.

Smiling is a simple yet powerful way to show gratitude to Allah, regardless of the situation. Opick believes that by practicing gratitude and maintaining a positive outlook, we can overcome any challenge that comes our way.

“Tersenyumlah” is now available on all major streaming platforms. Be sure to listen to it and let its uplifting message inspire you throughout Ramadan and beyond.

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