Paul Partohap Celebrated P.S. I LOVE YOU Anniversary With EP Remix ft. Yuna

Paul Partohap, singer-songwriter, has just released his EP, P.S. I LOVE YOU. This second mini album contains 4 songs, all of which are titled P.S. I LOVE YOU, but packed with multiple versions. The original song was released in 2022 which has been listened to more than 84 million times on Spotify.

Paul said, apart from celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the song P.S. I LOVE YOU, who has taken his music career to a point he never imagined, he also had the opportunity to collaborate with Yuna. He also performed the song P.S. I LOVE YOU live with a live choir.

The EP, produced with Warner Music Indonesia and Arseri Music, contains the original songs P.S I LOVE YOU, P.S I LOVE YOU – speed up version with Sped Up Nightcore, P.S I LOVE YOU – live version, and P.S I LOVE YOU featuring Yuna

Paul is not careless in choosing partners to collaborate with. Yuna is a well-known musician from Malaysia who has gone international. Her works have also been recognized by well-known media such as Billboard, MTV and Rolling Stone.

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Paul explained that the song production process was carried out across continents. This happens because Paul lives in Germany, while Yuna is in the United States. However, distance was not a significant obstacle for the production of this collaborative song.

Paul Partohap said that Yuna’s skills as a songwriter, performer and self-produced artist really need not be doubted. With Yuna’s verse interpretation, Paul is very satisfied with the results of their collaboration on the song P.S. I LOVE YOU for this.

On the same occasion, Paul Partohap together with Arseri Creative House held a press screening for the short film ”LOVERs PLAYBOOK ” based on the EP of the same title. Dwi Sasono and Sigi Wimala are the main actors of this short film with Aco Tenriyagelli as the director.

Previously, Paul had released the song “HOME IS WHO YOU ARE” in May 2023. EP P.S. I LOVE YOU and this song will become the opening of Paul’s works throughout 2023.

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