Rayhan Noor Presents the Album: ‘Menjelang Tiga Puluh’ as a Reflective Celebration

Rayhan Noor, a soloist, songwriter, and producer from Jakarta is ready to launch his first full-length album Menjelang Tiga Puluh”, coinciding with his 30th birthday on June 21st, 2023. This album, which contains 10 songs, is Rayhan’s reflection throughout his previous journey before finally welcoming the newest season of his life.

This album is Rayhan’s work which is very intimate as well as imaginative. This album was released under Sun Eater. Through this album, Rayhan Noor records all the excitement in his past which later shaped his identity today. Tracks on this album, such as: “Dari Balik Jendela” and “Mau Tak Mau” became Rayhan’s time capsule at a time when the outside world often bombarded the musician with expectations and pressure.

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“I see the album Menjelang Tiga Puluh” as a capable celebration that stirs the hearts and minds of listeners. That’s why ‘Menjelang Tiga Puluh’ also presents some moody yet bittersweet moments. My life’s journey so far, especially what I have traced throughout the last 10 years, not a mere straight line,” he said.

Entering the 30s is certainly not a simple matter. Regardless, the album is also a witness that Rayhan is ready to embark on a new decade of life without any doubts. The last point that is no less important is Rayhan who testified that his life just started at the age of 30.

That is the reason Rayhan wants to dedicate this album to everyone who thinks they ‘failed’ to reach the finish line in their life, while actually we are just getting started. 

About Rayhan Noor

Composing “all-in-one” pop music has become Rayhan Noor‘s hallmark as a soloist, songwriter, and producer. Evidenced by his ability to conjure up all forms of life narratives into an attractive pop rhythm. This musician from Jakarta first took part professionally in the Indonesian music scene as guitarist for alternative rock band in 2013 before transitioning into a pop soloist in 2019 with the single “House of Cards”.

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