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YODMG Tells About the Complications of a Relationship in “Showdown” ft.  Garry Armando

YODMG is back with a new single titled ‘Showdown’. On the single which is also her first single after 2 years, YODMG also invites one of the musicians from Indonesia, Garry Armando, who is known for the single ‘Suatu Saat Nanti’. Their second meeting started in 2020, when YODMG and Garry met at an annual concert at a university in Sydney, Australia. They realized that they had unique chemistry in music and they decided to collaborate together releasing “Showdown”.

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This song was actually inspired by a true story from the environment that they both wanted to translate into a song. YODMG and Garry were also assisted by Jaybag as Producer, Arthaz Cientazaro who assisted Garry in the Composing process, and Yoseph Bagas Kara for the Mixing process.

‘Showdown’ was specially prepared by YODMG through a music video with a concept inspired by the Queen’s Gambit series which depicts that the relationship that occurs is like a chess game full of strategy because time is chasing it. The shooting locations themselves vary, starting from Mary Ann Street Parking, Spice Alley Chippendale, Darling Square, Chinatown, to Darling Harbor which is the top location because it is one of the centers of the Vivid 2023 light festival. This video was directed by YODMG with Ben Lawford and Indy Jo as the Cinematographer.

YODMG advises the listeners that when we no longer have the same views on a relationship, it’s best to just end the relationship so that both parties can be separated from one another. Because if we try to maintain it, it will affect how we act and feel. 

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