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Syifa Hadju to Act and Sing the Original Soundtrack of the Movie “200 Pounds Beauty”

Syifa Hadju, one of the most talented young actresses in Indonesia will once again show her acting skills in MD Pictures’ latest movie “200 Pounds Beauty”. Not only acting, Syifa Hadju will also show her singing skills through this movie. Syifa will fill the role of the main character, Juwita and give this movie its original soundtrack.

The movie with romantic, comedy, and musical genres apparently made Syifa come back with her latest work. Under the auspices of MD Musik Indonesia, Syifa Hadju will perform three original soundtracks for this movie. Among them are ‘Duniaku’ written by Virtual Jukebox, ‘Born To Be A Star’ written by RoXteady, and ‘Berat Kupendam’ written by Devano Danendra and Rafly.

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“200 Pounds Beauty” tells the story of Juwita (Syifa Hadju), a young woman with a stocky body, who has to accept her fate of not meeting the ‘beauty standard’ by becoming a phone sex operator under the cryptic name Mawar. Juwita also works as a shadow singer for Eva Primadona (Alyssa Daguisse), a beautiful but hoarse-voiced entertainer. Under the guidance of Andre (Baskara Mahendra), a handsome young producer, Juwita helps Eva’s career take off despite her feelings for Andre. Heartbroken and hopeless, Juwita finally undergoes a major plastic surgery with the help of Dr. Erik.

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