Raissa Ramadhani Shares Breakup Story in Her First Single “Berpisah Lebih Indah”

Raissa Ramadhani, an actress with a beautiful voice released her first single “Berpisah Lebih Indah”  under SONY Music Entertainment Indonesia. “Berpisah Lebih Indah” was created by Belawan inspired by his surroundings. According to Raissa, this song presents a perspective of a girl in a relationship that involves a third person; therefore, she decided to break up. 

“I hope this song could be a friend for everyone when they are sad. I’m sure that many people could relate to this song which I even experience it. For those with a similar situation to this song, it is better to find your own happiness rather than be trapped in an uncertain relationship.” Raissa explained. 

In order to deliver a good meaning based on Raissa vocal’s character, Irvnat was involved as a vocal director. The process of making “Berpisah Lebih Indah” takes a short time.  

“Although I feel a little bit nervous if the result is not good enough but everything goes according to plan, thanks to Mas Keke, Mas Pepeng, Mas Edu, and  Om Irvnat who always help me and share ideas. A lot of thank you to them for supporting me, guiding me, recording, and directing my vocal,” Raissa said 

Moreover, Raissa is planning to make a music video for “Berpisah Lebih Indah” to emphasize the lyrics, but Raissa has not revealed the details yet.    


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