Rawon Referred As The Best Soup In The World

Taste Atlas has crowned Rawon as the most delicious soup in the world. The deep dark colored soup from East Java, Indonesia got a 4,8 score out of 5. Just 0,2 points away from the perfect score of 5.

“The deep taste of this soup comes from beef that has been cooked for a long time with various Indonesian traditional ingredients such as lime leaves, lemongrass, ginger and chili sauce. The main elements of the dish are kluwek fruit and black beans from Indonesia,” Taste Atlas explains the specific taste of the dish.

We can say that this might be another Indonesia’s achievement in the culinary world on a worldwide scale. Rawon has surpassed Japan’s Tonkotsu Ramen, Thailand’s Tom Kha Gai, Taiwan’s Taiwanese Hot Pot, and other delicious yet comfy foods from other countries. 

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Taste Atlas sum up the whole dish taste as an earthy taste. The earthy taste also comes up with another taste that completes the whole dish, such as sour and a bit of sweet taste with a unique deep dark color. 

Another unique thing about Rawon is its dark colored soup. In fact, a lot of people doubt the taste of the dish because of its color. It may look unappealing at the first sight, but his food has secretly become one of top notch foods of not only Indonesians, but also foreigners! This dish is best consumed hot in cold or rainy weather, with hot rice, salted egg, bean sprouts, and fried tempeh as the topping. And don’t forget to top your hot rice with fried onions. (Alprazolam) That would be the perfect way to enjoy Rawon!

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