Rayi Putra Brings His Regret And Promise in “Let You Down”

Rayi Putra released “Let You Down” accompanied by its music video, via Def Jam Indonesia. The song encompassed the intimacy and personal feeling from Rayi’s personal experience. Rayi swears in this song that he will never disappoint someone that he loved as he did in the past.

“Let You Down” will guide the audience further towards Rayi’s mind and soul filled with regret. “I wrote this song based on my own experience. I feel that in the past I made some of my important people feel disregarded. I want them to know that I will try to not disappoint them in the future with this song” said Rayi

Eka Gustiwana aided Rayi’s with the production, while Rayi acting as the songwriter. Furthermore, “Let You Down” provides a unique combination between R&B and Hip Hop, a soft flow, and a catchy beat. An intimate and introspective lyric becomes the icing on the cake. 

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The music video for “Let You Down” in addition will give us more insight into the song. It tells the story of a couple that was at rock bottom and slowly found their way together again. The music video is closed with a bit of surprise that you can watch here

With the song, Rayi has his hope to his audience about this song “I hope “Let You Down” can help anyone express their feelings freely. I also hoped that this song can comfort them and become a song you keep on repeat”

Overall, In 2023, as a promising new year, Rayi is ready to release more of his work and “Let You Down” as the start of it

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