Reality Club’s ‘Am I Bothering You?’ Unleashes Magical Realism in Star-Studded Music Video Directed by Aco Tenriyagelli

Bingkai Karya – In a holiday treat for fans, Reality Club is set to release the music video (MV) for “Am I Bothering You?” on December 26th, 2023. This fan-favorite song, known for its lively performances and tens of millions of streams, will now come to life on screen in collaboration with Miura Films and the creative genius of director Aco Tenriyagelli.

Following the success of international award-winning MVs like “Dancing In The Breeze Alone” and “Desire,” Reality Club has once again enlisted the expertise of Miura Films for the upcoming MV. This time, director Aco Tenriyagelli takes the reins, promising a visually stunning and emotionally charged narrative. Adding to the star power, the MV features acclaimed actors Lutesha and Kristo Immanuel, making it the most star-studded production from Reality Club to date.

The MV follows the story of Monica (Lutesha), who, reeling from a recent breakup, finds solace in her favorite sitcom. To her surprise, Bewe (Kristo Immanuel), a character she dislikes in the show, emerges from the TV into reality. The clash between their worlds creates awkward interactions, but their shared loneliness draws them together, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. Trapped in this bizarre adventure, they embark on a quest for happiness.

In a note from director Aco Tenriyagelli, the concept of ‘bothering’ takes center stage. Love, a complex and subjective emotion, often raises questions and doubts. Tenriyagelli remarks, “Love is a myth, depends who you’re with.” The MV delves into the world of “Magic Realism,” exploring the hypothetical and fantastical elements posed in the song’s lyrics. The juxtaposition of sitcoms, with their quick resolutions and happy endings, against the complexities of real life adds depth to the narrative.

The MV uses sitcoms as a crucial element, reflecting the ways in which people escape from the harsh realities of life. Sitcoms offer a glimpse into desired friendships, lives of wealth, and hints of warm romance. The story unfolds as two individuals from different worlds bother and fall in love, only to realize that true happiness lies in their respective realities.

The song captures the nervous excitement of starting a romantic encounter, with the constant question, “Am I bothering you?” The raw garage rock vibe encapsulates the thrill of potential romance, leaving listeners with a grin akin to receiving a text from a special someone.

As Reality Club gears up for the release of this highly anticipated music video, fans can expect a visually captivating and emotionally resonant experience that transcends the boundaries of reality and fantasy, all set to the backdrop of a fan-favorite track.


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