Rheno Poetiray and Regina Poetiray Talk About The Selfishness of a Partner in “Satu Arah”

Rheno Poetiray and Regina Poetiray released their new duet single entitled “Satu Arah”. These siblings shared the meaning of “Satu Arah”, “This single is about a couple who are forced to part away because one of them always gives in even though the partner is actually wrong. So in this relationship, one of the partners doesn’t seem to care about another at all, they only think about herself.” 

“In the process of making this single, from the beginning of the workshop Rheno and Regina 

(we) were very happy because everything was fun and smooth. We both really had fun working on this project. (We were) assisted by music producers, Ifa Fachir and Dimas Wibisana. Besides, we are happy because after all this time, we can finally release one single together at Musica Studios with the type of music that we really like.”

The music video for “Satu Arah ” tells the story of Rheno Poetiray, who tells what he feels to his sister, Regina Poetiray, about he and his girlfriend who never got along. Rheno must follow all of his partner’s wishes. The thing is his girlfriend only cares about herself.

After telling his feelings to his sister, they both finally made this song. Rheno and Regina’s hope is that “Satu Arah” become a mood booster, a companion for everyday life, and can be accepted and liked by many people.


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