Rizky Febian Shared Romantic Story in ‘Dirimu Satu’

After releasing a breathtaking song ‘Ribuan Hati’, Rizky Febian returned with a new single ‘Dirimu Satu’ that was part of the original soundtrack from “My Lecture My Husband 2”.

MD Music and RFAS Music teamed up to complete Arya (Reza Rahadian) and Inggit’s (Prilly Latuconsina) story.

‘Dirimu Satu’ is about a couple who are grateful for their love and trust until death separates them. The message seemed modest, coated with a sweet vocal of Rizky Febian. 

“My Lecture My Husband 2” will be aired on WeTV Indonesia. It is about Arya and Inggit’s household that is full of joy and sorrow.

When their love grows more beautifully, many threats come, such as the coming of Arya’s college friends, Felix and Karin. Their meeting is happy before, but it becomes the beginning of the conflict between Arya and Inggit. (Valium)  


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