Sabiella Maris Continues the Story from EP Untold Story 2018 With “In Between”

Sabiella Maris is back with her new maxi single “In Between” produced by Bagas Yudhiswa. After a year gap since her last single “Untold Story, Pt. (Alprazolam) 1” in 2022, Sabiella makes a comeback in 2023 with a continuation of the long story of Untold Story.

This maxi single contains two songs: “In Between” and “Untold Story Pt. 2” which continues the big theme of Untold Story on the EP Untold Story 2018. The first track, “Untold Story Pt. 2” tells a cycle of human life (problem, happiness, joy, sadness, loss) that must be faced. 

The second track, “In Between” tells the story of a person’s indecisive situation who is forced to choose between staying or going with someone who has hurt them. “Actually, Untold Story is a big theme for my songs where what I call life-like is like an unpictured moment, like a frame with no thumbnails in it,” she explained.

The big theme of the Untold story is a description of Sabiella Maris’ life which is considered a collage of photographic moments that she could not record but which are already framed in her mind. After this single, a new concept will be released soon in September.

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Sabiella said the next songs would be slightly different in terms of music, lyrics and language, where the concept was a bit more mature. Apart from that, there will also be a collaboration with a musician from Malang.

The maxi single “In Between” is coming to all digital streaming platforms starting August 13, 2023 via self release.

About Sabiella Maris

Among the many female soloists in Malang who choose between r&b and folk music, Sabiella Maris can be said to be one of the more consistent indie pop bands with a lo-fi touch and a bit of dream pop. Even during her debut days, Sabiella has done small gigs in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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