Sabrina Soetomo Expresses her Gratefulness in “Treasure”

Sabrina Soetomo released her first single “Treasure”. Sabrina Soetomo began her singing career by singing and uploading cover songs using the TikTok. She eventually amassed more than 1 million likes on the social media page and gained the confidence to begin a professional singing career.

Sabrina explained that “Treasure” is not only a song about romantic relationships between lovers but can also be gifted to family, friends, and other close people. Sabrina believes that people can relate to the song “Treasure,” which is about putting ego aside and expressing how fortunate we are to have loved ones who support us during difficult times.

Sabrina collaborated with Will Mara as a songwriter and producer on this track. The song ‘Treasure,’ with its catchy pop music and Sabrina’s sweet voice, is anticipated to become a little ray of sunshine that will win many hearts and be loved by a large audience.

Sabrina hopes that by listening to this music, everyone—particularly women—will feel inspired to embrace their vulnerability. People occasionally mistakenly believe that vulnerability equates to weakness. In reality, expressing one’s true emotions requires a person’s strongest traits. Sabrina sincerely hopes that this message will move people to express gratitude to the treasured individuals in their lives.


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