Sal Priadi Appreciate People Who Work Hard in “Besok Kita Pergi Makan”

Sal Priadi released his new song entitled “Besok Kita Pergi Makan”. This song was not prepared for a very long time, it takes 5 days from the first day he decided to release this song.

Sal Priadi wrote this song as a thank you note for those who work hard. This song expresses appreciation through simple celebrations such as inviting them to eat together to show a form of appreciation for their achievements. 

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Not only that, this song also reminds everyone that even though we have to work so hard, the love and affection from our loved ones are already waiting for us at home.

The message from this song that Sal wants to tell is very relevant with the current situation where the hustle and bustle of life is coming back with the business of each of us.

With this song, Sal hopes that it can be our companion when we’re on our way to work, and also become a reminder of home when we return back to our home. 

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