Sofwan Idris Invites Us to Reflect on Life Through ‘Terkadang Kita Lupa’ 

Sofwan Idris began his musical journey in the Indonesian music industry with his first single ‘Takkan Ada Lagi’ released in 2019, followed by the next two singles ‘Dulu Aku’ and ‘Mengapa Kembali’ which he released in 2021 and 2022 respectively. In 2023, Sofwan greeted music lovers with a comeback through a meaningful single entitled ‘Terkadang Kita Lupa’.

“I wrote this song based on the story of my personal experience, family, and even stories from people around me. It tells the story of humans who need to look back to know how far they have come,” Sofwan said. “Because sometimes, when we are going through a testing phase of life, we will easily complain, be sad when we fail at something, or even get angry when the expected thing doesn’t happen. (Clonazepam) ” 

‘Terkadang Kita Lupa’ is a song that tries to remind listeners to enjoy and feel the joy that we feel during this life so that we do not forget to be grateful. The song was fully worked on by Sofwan both in writing and as a producer of the song.

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“I hope this song can remind us to continue to be grateful because there are still many people out there who are far from enough,” Sofwan hoped. He also hopes that ‘Terkadang Kita Lupa’ can also be accepted by all Indonesian music lovers, while reminding us that we can always do better in the future. Sofwan Idris’ latest single “Terkadang Kita Lupa’” is available on all digital streaming platforms in Indonesia.

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