4 Interesting Facts About A+ Series

A+ series is another series based on the best-selling novel by the nation’s children. The story: A+ written by Adinda Putri officially aired on Prime Video starting May 25. Not only broadcast in Indonesia, this series will also be broadcast in 240 other countries. 

Before watching the series, let’s look at some of its interesting facts!

  1. The story that comes from the heart of the writer’s anxiety

The writer of Wattpad A+, Ananda Putri, says that this story departs from her concern about the education system. How difficult it was to get validation during school days. That is the background for A+’s story on Wattpad, which tells of school students who criticize the education system.

  1. The first series directed by Fajar Bustomi.

Fajar Bustomi was previously known through the Dilan film trilogy. This time, Fajar Bustomi will make his debut as a serial director through A+. His interest in the story of teenagers in this series.

  1. Talking about educational issues

Tells the issue of education where this series follows five smart students in schools who work together against an education system in their school that is corrupt and manipulative.

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  1. Diverse Characters

Series A+ will star a number of talented young actors. Starting from Nurra Datau, Antonio Blanco Jr., Ziva Magnolya, Rey Bong, and Livy Renata will play in this series. Not only that, even Aliando Syarief was also present as a cast member. 

The cast plays the unique and diverse characters of high school students who are geniuses and dare to reveal the truth about their school.

Those are 4 facts about A+ series. This series is now available on Prime Video with a total of 6 episodes. 

Source: rahasiagadis.com

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