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The Jealous Club Reveal Debut EP “A Rubik Cube You Should Never Done”

The Jealous Club, an indie rock quartet based in Malang solidified their intention in Indonesia’s music industry by releasing an EP called “A Rubik Cube You Should Never Done”. This EP contains 4 tracks that will take the listeners to embark on an emotional journey through sadness, happiness, anger, and disappointment. This EP tells the story of an adoration towards someone they love as well as regret about actions that go to waste.

The 4 band group composed of Allen Rahadian (guitar), Gerry Harun (guitar), Joshua Anindita (vocal), and Muktiansyah Kurnia (bass) decided to release a total of 4 tracks in their album to make it even with their total. The 4 tracks are “A Girl At The Corridor”, “Moonlight On Your Arms”, “Bar Wishes”, and “Good Man On His Mind”. The music exploration in this album will vary, while still keeping The Jealous Club’s signature catchy melodies and easy to remember rhythm.

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Among the aforementioned tracks, “A Good Man on His Mind” was chosen as the lead single off this album. It is thought to represent the EP’s main message and act as a milestone of the band’s musical exploration and genre bending venture. The song tells about every action from someone that goes to waste because of his/her lover’s dismissiveness. Just like life when everything seems to be falling apart or not fruitful even though we work so hard for it.

“We chose this song because it could be a new beginning for us. This track signifiesthat we would not stay idle and be defined only by our previous works or current works. We would love to keep exploring and “Good Man on His Mind” brings a great deal of genre combination. You could find shoegaze, with pop-rock touch a la The Jealous Club. The fusion of various genres can be a good milestone for us in our career in this industry,” said The Jealous Club.

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