Prinsa Mandagie Invites the Brokenhearted To Rise Again Through EP “Percaya” 

Prinsa Mandagie, who is known for the song “Melawan Hati” with Fiersa Besari in 2020 and proved her consistency in 2021 with the songs “Berhenti Mengerti”, “Hanya Singgah”, “Sahabat Dulu” (Ost. Layangan Putus) and in 2022 with the song “Ternyata Berpisah Lebih Indah”. Now, she is back with 4 new songs packaged in the EP “Percaya”.

One of the songs from this mini-album is titled “Percuma” which is characterized by poetic lyrics and more romantic music. In addition to “Percuma”, the song “Percaya” also contains a different energy. 

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The four songs such as “Percaya”, “Rumit”, “Percuma”, and “Cinta & Waktunya” have their own stories that Prinsa will tell with her melodious voice. For the single “Rumit”, Prinsa also invited Kemal Dave to be a collaborator as a young male figure who expected that the story of the song “Rumit” is not only experienced by women but also by men. Through this mini album, besides collaborating with living legend Tohpati, Prinsa wants to convey her principles:

“No matter how much we appreciate love, we have to appreciate ourselves more. That’s why, it’s really important to have a stand, that’s what will keep us strong when fate takes us to the painful end. That’s what keeps us believing in ourselves.”

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