Sabrina Soetomo Tells the Difficulty of Finding True Love In “404 Love Not Found”

Sabrina Soetomo is back with her second single ‘404 Love Not Found’ written and produced by Will Mara. If the previous song ‘Treasure’ tells the story of gratitude for the presence of precious people around, ‘404 Love Not Found’ tells the story of someone who is restless in the search for true love.

The song was created accidentally when the American-born singer was in her spare time and chatted with songwriter Will Mara via WhatsApp. The inspiration came from some of their personal stories that were finally poured into a song. They started making lyrics through the chat application and ‘404 Love Not Found’ was created naturally. 

According to Sabrina, there were many unique and unforgettable moments in the making of ‘404 Love Not Found’. Starting from Will sending the song material via Whatsapp, then Sabrina being inspired to participate in writing the lyrics and thinking about the concept of the song while she was sitting in the office. The whole process was mostly done online due to their schedules.

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However, despite making the song online, during the recording process of ‘404 Love Not Found’, Sabrina felt that there were no obstacles faced. Everything went naturally, so she felt that all the challenges could be carried out well and smoothly. Sabrina said that the process of writing ‘404 Love Not Found’ was the easiest compared to the other songs that Will and her have made. From writing the lyrics, making the music, to the recording process, it was a walk in the park. Everything went exactly as she expected.

As previously explained, ‘404 Love Not Found’ tells the story of a person’s failed journey in finding their true love. In their journey, they always fail  and begin to feel that they are trapped in a cycle. Because of their unsuccessful search, they often wonder if they will ever find true love.

Sabrina hopes that ‘404 Love Not Found’ can be a relatable song that can voice the concerns of anyone who hears it. Currently, ‘404 Love Not Found’ can already be heard on all your favorite digital streaming platforms.

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