Sal Priadi Portrays The Struggle to be Intimate in Music Video “Mesra-Mesraanya Kecil-Kecilan Dulu”

Sal Priadi released the music video for the song entitled “Mesra-Mesraanya Kecil-Kecilan Dulu” on December 4, 2022. “An older brother must take care of his younger siblings while mother is not at home. Entertainment and holidays for him, only when visiting Mother in prison.” -Aco Tenriyagelli.

In the process, Sal Priadi again entrusted Aco Tenriyagelli to work on all the processes of this music video making. The depiction presented by Aco Tenriyagelli in the music video of “Mesra-mesraanya Kecil-kecilan Dulu ” is a fictional scene in which we will experience a situation where feeling intimate is not easy .

The meaning of the message contained in the lyrics that Sal Priadi wrote is how the situation that Sal Priadi went through (during a pandemic as an example) forced Sal Priadi to feel intimate and affectionate in conditions that had to be as simple as possible due to limited space.

After going through a journey both on music channels and live performances throughout the year, “Mesra-mesraanya Kecil-kecilan Dulu” now has a special place in the hearts of listeners.

Sal Priadi or Salmantyo Ashrizky Priadi is an Indonesian singer, songwriter and actor. Sal has been uploading his covers and music on his SoundCloud account since 2015, with Mahatamtama and Derry from the music group Coldiac. Sal released his first studio album titled Berhati on 20 February 2020. He released a single titled “Irama Laot Teduh”, assisted by producer Ari Renaldi, on 9 July 2020.


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