Salma Salsabil Releases a Heartwarming New Single “Rumah”

Bingkai Karya – Rising Indonesian singer Salma Salsabil has just released her latest single titled “Rumah” under Universal Music Indonesia. This emotional ballad marks Salma’s songwriting debut, and she also beautifully plays the acoustic guitar on the track.

“Rumah” tells the story of Salma’s personal definition of home: her parents and family. The song expresses her longing for them while she pursues her dream as a singer, living far away from home. Salma previously performed the song on Indonesian Idol and received a warm welcome from the audience and judges, who praised its meaningful lyrics and relatable message.

Salma explains the song’s meaning: “Through this song, I want to convey that home is not always about a physical place. Home can be the people who accept and love us for who we are, allowing us to be ourselves. So, while in this song my version of home is my parents and family, I believe all listeners out there have their own version of home. It could be friends or a partner.”

Although not a religious song, “Rumah” perfectly fits the atmosphere leading up to Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, as its theme revolves around family and longing for home. Unlike her previous danceable single, “Bunga Hati,” “Rumah” features a minimalistic arrangement dominated by Salma’s acoustic guitar playing.

This simple approach was intentional, as Salma wanted to emphasize the profound message embedded in the lyrics. The lyrics themselves are also simple and easy to understand, contributing to the song’s soothing and calming atmosphere. It’s a song that you can comfortably listen to on repeat!

Salma shares her hope for the song: “I hope this song can be a soundtrack for those who are missing their homes. And don’t forget to keep listening to it!”

The single “Rumah” is now available on all major digital music platforms. Add it to your playlist and let its heartwarming message resonate with you!


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