Shanaya Resort Malang Brings Back “Ngabubu-Rich Season 2” to Welcome Ramadhan 2023


Shanaya Resort Malang is holding a promo like in previous years to welcome the month of Ramadan which will soon arrive. This year, Shanaya Resort Malang is holding “Ngabuburich Shanaya season 2” to accompany you and your family to enjoy a special menu that is diverse and luxurious. “Ngabubu-Rich Season 2” will be held on Jl. Perum GPA, Karangploso Malang, starting from March 23rd, 2023. You can enjoy special menus of various types, from takjil, Chinese food, Indonesian food to desserts.

Various takjil will be provided every day, including Dates, Kolak Pisang dan Ubi, fritters such as Bala-Bala, Stuffed Tofu, Mendoan Tofu and Tempe, Lumpia, Fried Banana, Fried Tape, Rangin, Takoyaki and Arabian menus such as Turkish Coffee, Manakish, Chicken Sambosa, Bhajis, Luqaimat, Kebuli Rice, Lamb Kofta, Roti Maryam, and Kebabs.

Not only that, there are also food served in carts or stalls, such as Lamian, Dimsum, Pempek, Tahu Campur, and Indonesian cuisine; Aromatic Rice, Processed Meat, Processed Chicken, Seafood, International Selection; Burgers, Hotdogs, Quesadillas, Fries, Mongolian BBQ, Beef Steak Chicken, Vegetables & Sweet Corn, Pop Corn, Ice Cream and many more.

This event will be held again in 2023 after last year, 2022, there were a total of 3,500 guests in 29 days who attended this event. With so many food choices on offer, the All You Can Eat package is priced at IDR 189,000 per pax. Apart from that, Shanaya Resort Malang still has several other interesting promos, such as a buy 5 get 1 free, a special price for guests who order an early bird (book 7 days before arrival) for only IDR 170,000. There is also a 15% discount promo for ASR members and a discount for BNI Credit and Debit Card promos.

During Ramadan, Shanaya Resort Malang also offers attractive promo offers Room free breakfast starting from IDR 988,000 (Includes Sahur and Iftar) only in the period of 23 March – 20 April 2023 stay at Glamping 2 beds. Interestingly, there is a lucky draw in the form of shopping vouchers, e-money, special Eid hampers from Shanaya and precious metals which will be drawn every day, just like the previous year.

General Manager of Shanaya Resort Malang, Rendy Christian said, “We have prepared 4 pieces of gold precious metal for customers to be drawn every week. We will draw shopping vouchers and e-money every day.”

For further information and reservations, please contact 081-110-356-5757 and social media @shanayaresortmalang.

Shanaya Resort Malang is a product of The Ascott Limited which is a Singaporean company that has grown to become one of the largest international owner-operator serviced apartments and hotel businesses in the world with a total of 127,000 units in more than 790 properties. The company operates the serviced apartment and hotel brands. Today, the company has over 30 years of business experience and is an award-winning serviced apartment brand that is recognized worldwide.


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