Rihanna’s Iconic Performance at the Super Bowl 2023 Halftime Show Surpasses Over 100M Views on YouTube

Rihanna was chosen to perform at this year’s The Super Bowl. The Super Bowl 2023 Halftime Show was held at the State Farm Stadium, Arizona, United States of America, on Sunday February 12th, 2023. Just like the previous Super Bowl shows, there were guest stars to liven up the event. 

After the NFL released a video of Rihanna’s performance at the Super Bowl 2023 Halftime Show on their YouTube channel, now the performance has reached more than 100M views on YouTube. The video was released 3 weeks ago on February 13, 2023, exactly 1 day after the performance was shown live at the Halftime Show. At the performance, Rihanna appeared in a red jumpsuit from a famous brand, presenting a performance that was considered by the public to be very amazing.

She performed on a special stage that could go up and down, accompanied by many dancers. Rihanna started her performance with the first song BBHMM, then followed by Where Have You Been, and Only Girl. Rihanna also performed her phenomenal songs: Work and Pour it Up. To end the performance, Rihanna performed the song Umbrella which was then followed by one of her most popular singles: Diamonds.

With the help of dancers, lighting, and the behind-the-scenes crew, Rihanna managed to deliver a stunning performance at the event and got a lot of positive comments from the public which can be seen through the comments section on the NFL YouTube channel.

At the event, many fans were shocked by the fact that Rihanna was not paid at all. However, this is not a problem because it has become an agreement between the NFL and the artist. Just like all the artists who have appeared on the previous Halftime Show, NFL as the organizer never pays artists to appear, but they bear all costs to produce the Halftime Show appearances. The Super Bowl itself is a big event so it has a great opportunity to increase album sales. Many musicians have seen an increase in sales of their work or merchandise after appearing at the Super Bowl.

One of the proofs can be seen in the profits of Rihanna’s makeup business, Fenty Beauty. In the middle of Rihanna’s appearance, she touched up make-up with products from Fenty Beauty. The product used is Invisimatte Instant Setting + Blotting Powder.

Rihanna also introduced the newest shade of Icon Velvet Liquid Lipstick, which is called ‘the MVP’, a signature red shade that matches her outfit. In just 12 hours after the Halftime Show, Fenty Beauty grossed USD 5.6 million (around IDR 84.9 billion). As reported by PopBase, the search rate for Fenty Beauty on search engines has also increased by 833%. 

Not only that, at that event Rihanna specially announced the pregnancy of her second child with her lover, A$AP Rocky. By choosing Rihanna as the guest star, the event managed to earn an average audience of 118.7 million, the second most watched after Katy Perry’s appearance in 2017. Rihanna’s appearance at the Super Bowl reached 113 million.

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