Sia Released A Pop Perfection Called “Gimme Love”

A multi-platinum super star, Sia, was reported to release her latest single called “Gimme Love”. The single will be included in her album, “Reasonable Women”. “Reasonable Women” is her upcoming album that will be released in Spring 2024 under the music label Atlantic Records. The album “Reasonable Women” is Sia’s first solo pop album after 8 years. 

“Gimme Love” is a pop single that contains a lot of pop sound characteristics inside the music. It has a lot of sonic elements, soars, futuristic synths, and the best melody in 2023. And that makes Sia as the best and the biggest pop star on planet Earth.

The last time Sia put out her musical artwork to the world was 2 years ago. And since 2 years has passed, Sia has achieved so many things a musician can achieve. She has a big audio stream in digital streaming platforms, about more than 50 billion, globally. It makes her as a musician with the biggest stream numbers in the world. 

Besides having a massive amount of listeners, her old song that was released in 2016 titled “Unstoppable” has become viral and went back to the music charts all over the countries in the world after 7 years since the song’s release.

And one of the world’s hit songs, “Diamonds” by Rihanna actually was written by Sia. It was the last song that was sung by Rihanna before her retirement in the music industry. Rihanna sang “Diamond” in the half-time show at the Super Bowl in February 2023.

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“Reasonable Women” is ready to be pre-ordered in several months ahead. While waiting for the album to be on your hand, you can stream “Gimme Love” on your favorite digital streaming platforms.

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