Danilla Closes Pentas Kemilau Pop Seblay with Brilliance

More than a year and a half after releasing the “Pop Seblay” album, Danilla is ready to close the chapter on her third album with a special performance that will mark a historic celebration in her music career. Titled “Pentas Kemilau Pop Seblay,” this show will take place at the Martha Tiahahu Literacy Park, Blok M, South Jakarta, on September 16, 2023, at 16:00. What’s more, this event will be free for everyone.

“Pop Seblay” is an album specially dedicated by Danilla to her supporters, the Danilla Success Team, who have been backing her for a full decade. According to Danilla, this album is a tribute to the kids and those who have provided irreplaceable support.

“Pentas Kemilau Pop Seblay” will feature 12 songs from the “Pop Seblay” album with fresh arrangements. The song “KIW,” which won an award in the Best Alternative Solo Artist category at the 2022 AMI Awards, will also be part of the show with a new touch.

Moreover, there are two special guest stars, Teddy Adhitya and Pamungkas, who will add to the splendor of this event. All the musicians involved will be wearing costumes designed by Ben Sihombing, creating an atmosphere consistent with the original concept of the “Pop Seblay” album.

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With hopes that everyone in attendance can feel the intimacy and appreciation for art, Danilla invites everyone to come and enjoy this remarkable performance. “Pentas Kemilau Pop Seblay” will be an unforgettable moment in the history of Indonesian music.

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