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4 Medical Korean Dramas for In-Depth Healthcare Insights

Many people consider Korean dramas to be a favorite pastime. This is because Korean dramas cover a wide range of genres and storylines. One of these genres is based on healthcare, frequently incorporating health and medicine knowledge. Watch these four dramas if you are passionate about pursuing a career in the area.

1. “Hospital Playlist”

“Hospital Playlist” is a medical-themed drama that gained popularity in 2020 and premiered on March 12 in the same year. It portrays the lives of doctors, nurses, and patients in a hospital setting, showcasing various aspects of medical knowledge in each episode. The drama revolves around the bond between former medical school students who now work at the same hospital.

2. “Dr. Romantic”

Dr. Romantic provides viewers with knowledge about the field of surgery. This 2016 drama tells the story of Kim Sabu, a renowned surgeon who works in a rural area. Kim meets two people who remind him of his former students when the hospital lacks medical personnel. Eventually, the three of them work together to provide patient care.

3. “Doctor Cha”

“Doctor Cha” is a Korean drama showcasing the struggles of a first-year resident working in the Family Medicine Department. It revolves around Cha Jeong Suk, a housewife who resumes residency after a 20-year hiatus.

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4. “Good Doctor”

“Good Doctor” follows Park Shi On, a man with savant syndrome who excels as a pediatric surgeon. Despite having mental age-related obstacles, Park quickly grasps medical knowledge. On his way to becoming a pediatric surgeon, he meets Kim Do Han, South Korea’s top pediatric surgeon.


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