Rahara and Danilla Present a Multi-Interpretation Single in  ‘Lagu Untuk Berdua’

Rahara surprised Indonesian music lovers through a ballad-nuanced collaboration with Danilla on the single ‘Lagu Untuk Berdua’ which can be a multi-interpretation of what listeners feel. 

This song can be interpreted in various meanings. The interpretation is felt by two lovebirds who are in love and are together, couples who love but are not together, lovebirds who are no longer in love but still harbor feelings, to lovebirds who are still in love but are already separated by death.

The collaboration started with Rahara writing this song spontaneously while doing a workshop. When they finished writing the song, they all agreed that this song was more suitable if it was sung alone with a female singer in order to get a more colorful and musical taste. 

The producer and composer, Agi Anggadarma, stated, “In our opinion, Danilla is the most suitable person to be the voice actor for this song. She has a voice character that we really like, sweet but sad, charming but also calming. (https://vallartainfo.com/) It really fits the story of this song.”  

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Danilla said, “Because the process of recording and making the video clip is filled with lots of jokes, I feel like this is a musical collaboration between families. Apart from that, there is a joking session behind the song which actually has a bitter meaning from very sweet notes, which makes me like it even more.”

Finally, Rahara hopes that through this song, Indonesian music listeners can enjoy and absorb this song according to how they feel. Meanwhile, Danilla hopes that this song can have a positive impact on the sad stories of music lovers, which involve a lot of feelings. 

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