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Vira Talisa Tells About a Long-Awaited Love in “Like It Was Meant To Be”

Vira Talisa showed that she was in the middle of a campaign for her second album, starting when she announced her second studio album “Bloomingtale” that will be released on September 22, 2023. Shortly after the announcement, the final single from the campaign “Like It Was Meant To Be” was released on August 11, 2023.

Vira returns to her more jazz self, compared to her previous two releases “Mejikuhibiniu” and “Samba Di Kota” when she begins the song romantically accompanied by piano and jazz guitar melodies. The song continues with the atmosphere and narration as if we can finally meet our loved ones after a long and tiring day.

With Vira’s soft vocals that sound familiar, making it seem as if she is returning to her old self when she released her first EP, expressing love not through complicated narratives, but by creating a space to make us feel what it feels like to fall in love in our own world.

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“Like It Was Meant To Be” becomes a song about a long-awaited love that has finally arrived. We’ve all had a bumpy ride in a love relationship. Through this song, Vira wants to show how it feels to get certainty from loved ones. Feelings of comfort, happiness, and satisfaction because we have someone we know will always accompany us.

Vira Talisa is a 29 year old singer and songwriter from Jakarta. She started her music career in Rennes during her studies in fine arts in 2015. This was the start of her performing activities until she then recorded a self-titled EP in 2016 with the help of Romain Baousson, a French music producer. (

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