Singer-songwriter Jason Ranti Releases New Single “Hari-Hari Musik”

Bingkai Karya – After a year-long hiatus, singer-songwriter Jason Ranti, also known as Jejeboy, has officially released a new single titled “Hari-Hari Musik” (Days of Music). The new song was released on Saturday, March 9, 2024, coinciding with the Indonesian National Music Day.

In a written statement, Jason Ranti said that his decision to take a break from the music scene was to find himself again. He admitted to deliberately limiting his stage activities.

“I disappeared. I was gone for 3 months. Some people said I was gone for 1 year. Whatever it was, my effort to disappear was actually an effort to find myself again,” said Jeje.

“To reflect, to find balance, and to reflect on what has happened while looking for my new musical lighthouse. By some close friends, I was taken to a ‘place of exile’ in City T. I was taken to someone’s house that felt really warm,” he said.

While in his secluded place, Jason Ranti continued to create art, including writing songs and painting. With a guitar given to him by a friend, he began to spin sounds and melodies until he created a song titled “Hari-Hari Musik”.

“There, with a guitar given to me by a friend in Jogja, I still continued to create song and painting. And I came to a time when a song called ‘Hari-Hari Musik’ was created,” he said.

The creative process of the song “Hari-Hari Musik” began when Jeje heard a child’s chatter saying “There is Salsa on Tuesday”. Without knowing what it meant, nor who Salsa was, Jason Ranti was inspired to start writing lyrics.

Jeje said that the song “Hari-Hari Musik” has a big meaning for him. Because through this song, he found many new things and led him to transition into becoming more mature, both personally and in his work.

“This song is important to me because it seems that through this song I find new things, about musical and non-musical things, at least for myself. This song is a kind of transition point for me from Jejeboy to Jejeman. Uhuuy!. Through this song, at least I feel that everything that happens is okay,” said Jason Ranti.

Jeje’s return to the music scene promises newness in his work, namely filling the lyrics with more polite diction and avoiding sarcasm like his previous works. According to him, there are many ways to write the message he wants to convey.

Meanwhile, in terms of music, Jason Ranti also chose a more relaxed tempo. He said that this was intended for his work to be a counterbalance to the world that is currently fast and seems rushed.

Currently, Jason Ranti’s single “Hari-Hari Musik” can be listened to on various digital music streaming platforms. Jeje’s return to the music scene also opens up hope for his loyal listeners to witness Jason Ranti melahirkan karya-karya berikutnya.

After the single “Hari-Hari Musik” was released, he plans to work on his fourth album titled “Sesudah Pergaulan Blues” in the near future.

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