Salma Salsabil’s “Rumah” Music Video: A Heartwarming Ode to Family

Bingkai Karya – Following the release of her touching third single “Rumah” in early March, Salma Salsabil has surprised fans with the release of the music video on March 15, 2024 on her official YouTube channel.

“With this song, I want to convey that home is not always about a place. Home is the people who accept and love us for who we are, so that when we are with them we can be ourselves. So, even though in this song my version of home is my parents and family, I believe all listeners out there have their own version of home. It could be friends or a partner,” Salma explained the meaning of the song.

In the music video, Salma shows her version of “Rumah”, which is her family. To get a home feel as close to Salma as possible, the music video features Salma’s father and mother and was shot in Salma’s hometown, Probolinggo.

In addition to debuting as a songwriter with “Rumah”, Salma Salsabil also debuted as a music video director for the “Rumah” music video assisted by David Christover. This made the music video very close to Salma herself, considering the song also describes the warmth of her version of home, namely her own family.

“The song “Rumah” is very personal to me because it is a song that I wrote myself and is based on my personal experience. Therefore, I also wanted to be very involved in the making of the music video so that the message that I wanted to convey through the song would be felt even more because of the visual depiction in the music video,” said Salma Salsabil.

Overall, the music video depicts Salma’s daily life and chemistry with her parents. It shows how they spend their time together and their closeness which adds to the emotion of the song.

The heartwarming song coupled with the music video concept that highlights moments with family makes the music video even more attached to the nuances of the Ramadan month and can represent friends who are far away from their “home”.

“Almost the entire music video is filled with moments of me with my parents and I hope this music video can cure the longing of friends with their respective “Rumah”,” Salma Salsabil hoped.

The music video for “Rumah” is now available on Salma Salsabil’s official YouTube channel. Enjoy!

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