Aviwkila Gets “Bucinated” with New Single “Pelangi Seusai Hujan”

Bingkai KaryaAviwkila, a duo consisting of Thana Ajeng Purishita and Uki Diqie Sulaiman, has released a new single entitled “Pelangi Seusai Hujan” (Rainbow After the Rain). The single was released under Universal Music Indonesia.

In this single, Aviwkila presents a song with a sweet and comfortable pop folk nuance. Uniquely, this time they did not perform a song of their own creation, but they collaborated with Mario G Klau as the songwriter for the single “Pelangi Seusai Hujan”.

The song “Pelangi Seusai Hujan” tells the story of people who finally find what they dream of or wait for, even though it has to be passed through a storm, but the rainbow will be met.

“For friends who are experiencing rain or a storm, don’t worry, life is just a cycle. If after the rain or storm, you will surely meet your rainbow. Whether it’s the person you love, be it a husband, wife, lover, or your crush, you will surely be met with something that can make you happy again,” said Aviwkila.

In terms of sound, the musical arrangement presented is also not complicated and simple, moreover the acoustic guitar playing from Uki makes this song very comfortable to listen to. An interesting thing in the recording process, the song “Pelangi Seusai Hujan” was produced and arranged by Tohpati, so this song is out of Aviwkila’s usual reference, making it very fresh to listen to.

Not only in audio form, Aviwkila also released it in a music video directed by Prialangga. The music video story is made as relate and as light as possible, the point is to convey after the rain finding a rainbow.

“It so happened that the making process involved horses, it was a test of courage for us because daily basic-nya never took care of horses. There was a little fear of being kicked or kissed by a horse,” they said.

Through the song “Pelangi Seusai Hujan”, Aviwkila hopes that many people can relate to the song, and it can become a soundtrack of life and also enter the playlist in the process of finding something that can change anyone’s life to be happier.

“For friends who are in a difficult phase of life, you try to listen to this song with positive lyrics. It’s true that after the rain you finally find your rainbow. Hopefully this song will be your bucin of the year song,” they hoped.

So, go ahead and listen to the song “Pelangi Seusai Hujan” on all your digital music service platforms. Enjoy!

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