Singer Ziva Magnolya Releases New Single “Wanita Biasa”

Bingkai KaryaZiva Magnolya, a popular Indonesian singer, released a new song titled “Wanita Biasa,” which translates to “Ordinary Woman.” This pop ballad tells the story of a woman who constantly endures heartbreak in her relationship. Despite her unwavering patience and forgiveness, she eventually reaches her breaking point and decides to leave the man.

The song, featuring collaborations with songwriter Trakast and producer S/EEK, presents a soft and melancholic soundscape with piano and string arrangements. Ziva’s powerful vocals effectively convey the emotional depth of the lyrics.

The accompanying music video depicts Ziva in a luxurious penthouse, highlighting the contrast between her seemingly perfect life and the internal struggles she faces. This emphasizes the message that emotional pain can affect anyone, regardless of their material possessions.

Through “Wanita Biasa,” Ziva hopes to empower women who have experienced similar situations. She encourages them to find strength and overcome the challenges of love, while reminding them that they are not alone in their struggles.


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