Khayal Jadi Nyata: A New Single by Keljo 

Bingkai Karya – Khayal Jadi Nyata (Dreams Come True) is the 9th single from Keljo, and also the third course on Keljo’s debut album Singgahsana (Throne), which will be released in mid-April.

Keljo, a finalist on Indonesian Idol Special Season, has successfully entertained and represented the feelings of all Indonesian people with 8 singles in the past 2 years, such as “Sesal Terlambat” (Regret Too Late), “Sirna” (Faded), “Putri Iklan” (Ad Princess), “Jangan Katakan Cinta” (Don’t Say Love), “Jatuh dan Menari” (Falling and Dancing), “Tak Sanggup Lagi” (Can’t Take It Anymore), “Pilih Salah Satu” (Choose One) and “Kutunggu Jawabmu” (I’m Waiting for Your Answer).

On the release of the album Singgahsana, Keljo presents the third course for all people who stop by at the Singgahsana Album with the song Khayal Jadi Nyata. The song, written by Keljo and his friends, Yoshua Perwirana & Meilita Kasiman, has been released and worked in the music industry, one of which is Keljo’s 3rd single, “Jangan Katakan Cinta” which was written and produced by Yoshua Perwirana and Meilita Kasiman themselves. Not only that, this husband and wife are active musicians in the band “Later Just Find” and Meilita herself is a backing vocalist for the famous Indonesian band, Maliq D’Essentials.

Khayal Jadi Nyata is an Indonesian Pop song with a cheerful and happy musical nuance. It has a goal and dream to invite all Indonesian people to feel happy when their dreams come true. Realizing that there are so many young people in Indonesia who have biases or idols in their lives, the song “Khayal Jadi Nyata” is a representation of the heart and also an expression of happiness from that happy feeling or what is commonly called Fangirling/Fanboying, when their dreams can come true. This is represented in the lyrics of the chorus which say “And I’m waiting, to be your boyfriend, meet in a love story together, will the dream come true?”

In the process of making this song, Keljo and Yoshua Perwirana, as the main music producer in this song, have the hope to open 2024 with the song Khayal Jadi Nyata in order to create fresh Indonesian music with a cheerful and happy music theme and also bring back the color of music in the Indonesian Music Industry, which in the past 2 years has been dominated by sad songs.

In addition to writing the song Khayal Jadi Nyata, Yoshua Perwirana is also fully responsible as the music producer in this song, and also Yohanes Yakobus Advent as the main producer in the album Singgahsana which will be released in mid-April 2024. Yoshua and Yakob also play a role in this song as “Suara Rakyat – Backing Vocal”. In the recording process, Keljo was guided by Barsena Bestandhi as Vocal Director and also Kelana Halim in the “Mixing & Mastering” process.


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