Singkawang, the Hong Kong van Borneo: 4 Must-See Attractions You Should Not Miss Out

Indonesia has a lot of magnificent travel spots, and do you know that we have a Hong Kong-like tourist destination? Let’s visit Singkawang! Located in West Kalimantan, this city offers spots that make you feel like you are in China. Here are 4 places to visit when you are in Singkawang.

4 Singkawang Must-See Attractions You Should Not Miss Out

Cagar Budaya Rumah Tjhia

This heritage site in Singkawang Barat is home to the Tjhia family, one of Singkawang’s most well-known families. The location is ideal for those interested in learning about the city’s history and culture.

Pasar Hongkong

If you have a craving for Chinese food, you must visit this market. The market, which is located in Singkawang Tengah, sells a variety of cuisines such as congee, dim sum, and bak kut teh. The fact that it is open from 4 p. ( m. to 12 a.m. adds to its uniqueness.

Plan to get lost in nature? This destination should be on your list. There are wooden bridges that will allow you to explore the mangrove forest. You can also rent a motorboat to explore from the water area.

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Hutan Mangrove Setapuk

Danau Biru Singkawang

Desire an unusual panorama? Don’t miss out Danau Biru Singkawang. The lake is notable for its blue hue. Off-roading for 20 minutes will allow you to enjoy the unique beauty.


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