Slank Release The Original Soundtrack Of “Catatan Si Boy”

Slank released their latest song entitled “Catatan Si Boy”. “Catatan Si Boy” is a soundtrack made for the movie called “Catatan Si Boy” and is a remake of the original song written by Harry Sabar and sung by Ikang Fawzi in the 80’s.

Under MD Musik Indonesia, Slank has been determined to be the band who is going to deliver the memorable song of the movie. It was said that the song represents the character of “Boy” in the movie because the lyrics of the song tells the character of Boy, the main character of the movie. With Slank’s rock musical genre, it is believed that the band could give new colors for the song without changing the whole song character.

“This song was already a hit before, so we thought, how we can bring music from the ‘80s and still be able to listen to various groups, especially Gen Z,” Bimbim Slank explained, hoping that the song can be enjoyed by a lot of music listeners all over Indonesia.

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“Catatan Si Boy” is an Indonesian movie directed by Hanung Bramantyo and will star Angga Yunanda (Boy), Syifa Hadju (Nuke), Alyssa Daguise (Vera), and many more. The movie tells a story about a dramatic love triangle between Boy, Nuke, and Vera. The movie will be showing soon in theaters all over Indonesia on August 17th 2023.

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