Adrian Martadinata and Tiara Effendy Sing the OST for the Film “Ganjil Genap”

Adrian Martadinata sung the legendary song entitled ‘Kamulah Satu-Satunya’ specifically for the soundtrack of “Ganjil Genap”. He made a more contemporary version but did not lose the characteristics of the previous song. 

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Furthermore, a talented young singer, Tiara Effendy was also involved to sing the soundtrack for this film. Coming with a new song titled “Mencoba Pergi”, she again collaborated with Pika Iskandar to write this song. At first glance, ‘Mencoba Pergi’ tells the story of a couple who promised to stay together, but were denied it.

MD Pictures again announced the latest film that will be aired soon, entitled “Ganjil Genap”. It feels incomplete when there is no soundtrack that adorns the excitement of the story of Gala (Clara Bernadeth), Bara (Baskara Mahendra), and Aiman (Oka Antara) for the film. 

“Ganjil Genap” is a romantic comedy film directed by the famous Indonesian stand-up comedian, Bene Dion. Tells the love story of Gala and Bara who have been dating for 8 years. Gala thought that their relationship would go to a more serious level. In fact, Bara harbored other things that eventually had to make their relationship end just like that. 

Aiman (Oka Antara) also came to Gala’s life when she was heartbroken. Aiman’s unexpected presence made Gala feel comfortable. Unfortunately, their relationship is hampered by one thing, namely commitment. Their conflict and love story escalated when Bara returned to Gala’s life. The continuation of the story has been out  in Cinemas starting on June 29, 2023.

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