Mark Natama Presents a Celebration of Love in New Single “Berlabuh”

Mark Natama, a talented young singer, once again proved his presence in the Indonesian music scene by releasing his latest single “Berlabuh”.

The single “Berlabuh” is Mark Natama’s fourth single, he is also increasingly showing the development of a singer-songwriter. In the single “Berlabuh”, Mark Natama co-wrote the song with Kenny Gabriel by prioritizing RnB soul music.

In the single “Berlabuh”, Mark Natama displays his expertise in writing songs with heartfelt lyrics. The song is a celebration of love, not only in a romantic relationship between a man and a woman, but also to parents, best friends, and friends.

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Through this song, Mark Natama hopes to let listeners know that they are all people who have taught him how to love and be loved.

The song was written and produced by Mark Natama and Kenny Gabriel, with the melody being a collaboration between the two.

Initially, during the workshop, he just wanted to try writing a few demo songs as options. However, “Berlabuh” came out as the first song and was immediately liked by the team. With Bowo Soulmate as vocal director during the recording process to help give soulful touches while conveying the vision of the song.

“The process was quite fast, approximately in just two weeks, we have recorded this song,” he said. 

Video Clip Concept

Unlike the previous music videos, the music video for “Berlabuh” was the first to be produced with an out-of-studio concept. Filming took place on Seribu Island in collaboration with the Nocturnal Project production house, and interestingly, it was a challenge for Mark Natama when making this music video.

“It was quite challenging filming this time with weather conditions, wind, and hot sun where I had to keep my eyes open for visual aesthetic purposes. But the excitement of being able to stay for a day and bonding with the production house team. The result of the video is quite fresh, I like the colors.”

Another challenge was the journey to the island, many of the team were seasick

Another challenge was the journey to the island, where many team members experienced seasickness, but this challenge did not affect the filming process, because of the good cooperation with the Nocturnal Project team, they already knew Mark Natama’s character, his strengths and weaknesses. The mobilization process from Jakarta to Pelangi Island went smoothly.

With this song, Mark Natama hopes that his loyal listeners can better understand and get to know his music, making him a musician who is different from other musicians. For him, “Berlabuh” is the song that best represents him, be it lyrics, melody, packaging, or genre.

“In this song, I put out everything I can, I prepared this song and I challenged myself a lot to be able to write songs and produce my songs well, thank God the people who hear the song like it, that’s what I hope so that people can interpret the story of this song,” he said.

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