Sonic/Panic Rocks Malang with Eco-Friendly Tunes and Climate Concerns

Bingkai Karya – The city of Malang vibrated to the beat of environmental awareness as the Sonic/Panic concert took over the Malang Creative Center (MCC) last Saturday (January 6th). Amidst electrifying performances by Iga Massardi, Lorjhu Band, and a slew of other talented acts, the event resonated with a powerful message: the urgent need to address climate change and protect our planet.

Lorjhu Band’s frontman, Badrus Zaman, captivated the audience with “Polo Nyaba,” a song from the Sonic/Panic compilation album that paints a poignant picture of a vanishing island paradise. His heartfelt plea for environmental stewardship resonated deeply with the crowd.

Beyond the music, the concert itself embodied a commitment to sustainability. From encouraging the use of public transport and waste sorting to banning single-use plastic bottles, every aspect reflected a conscious effort to minimize the event’s environmental impact.

This dedication to eco-friendliness is at the core of Music Declares Emergency (MDE) Indonesia, a collective of musicians to which most of the performers belong. Through Sonic/Panic, they aim to raise awareness about the climate crisis while showcasing how concerts can be organized in an environmentally responsible manner.

From offering water refill stations to incentivize reusable bottles to urging artists to travel by sea or land to reduce their carbon footprint, the Sonic/Panic team went the extra mile to leave a minimal ecological footprint.

The Malang concert wasn’t just about rocking out – it was a powerful call to action. It proved that music can be a potent tool for environmental advocacy, inspiring both concertgoers and the music industry to embrace sustainable practices. As the final notes faded away, one thing was clear: the fight for a healthier planet just got a whole lot groovier.


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