Taiwanese-Australian Artist Kimberley Chen Takes Big Mountain Music Festival by Storm

Bingkai KaryaKimberley Chen, a rising star in the Thai and Taiwanese music scene, made a major splash at the Big Mountain Music Festival in December 2023. As the first Taiwanese female solo artist to grace the festival’s stage, she captivated the audience with her international sound and impressive stage presence.

Held in Thailand, the Big Mountain Music Festival is a major draw for Asian music fans, and Kimberley’s inclusion marks a significant moment for Taiwanese artists. Performing on the biggest stage, she delivered a dynamic set featuring her hit English songs and a sneak peek at new material coming in 2024.

But beyond the music, it was Kimberley’s sincerity and dedication that truly connected with the crowd. Her full band and energetic dancers set the stage ablaze, while a surprise collaboration with Thai artist Matcha Mosimann added a touch of magic. Together, they performed Miley Cyrus’ “Flowers,” celebrating female empowerment and resonating with the festival’s inclusive spirit.

For Kimberley, the experience was nothing short of “amazing.” She expressed her gratitude to the audience and excitement for future collaborations, highlighting the refreshing energy of cross-cultural partnerships like hers with Matcha.

This wasn’t Kimberley’s only recent Southeast Asian success. Earlier in the year, she joined the “This Is Live!” concert series in Singapore, sharing the stage with talented female artists and captivating the audience once again.

With her Australian upbringing and Taiwanese musical career, Kimberley embodies a unique cultural blend that translates into her music. Label Chynahouse helps her craft an international sound that stands out in the Taiwanese scene, attracting fans worldwide who connect with her powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

As we approach 2024, Kimberley shows no signs of slowing down. Expect more captivating music and international performances from this rising star, as she continues to bridge cultures and redefine the future of Mandopop.


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