The Panasdalam Bank and Chintya Gabriella Release Original Soundtrack for “Ancika: Dia yang Bersamaku 1995”

Bingkai Karya – In anticipation of the release of the film “Ancika: Dia yang Bersamaku 1995”, The Panasdalam Bank has released a song titled “Saat Ingin Denganmu”. Collaborating with young singer, Chintya Gabriella, the song is an original soundtrack for the film, which is a spin-off of the Dilan trilogy.

With a romantic atmosphere, “Saat Ingin Denganmu” reflects the blossoming relationship between Ancika and Dilan. The poetic lyrics that are characteristic of Pidi Baiq tell the story of the search and hope for all the good things in a dynamic life. The song was created in 2020 through a jamming session between Boiq and Nawa Luba, then Pidi Baiq sang and added some verses spontaneously. Together with MD Music and Warner Music Indonesia, the song was carefully crafted to satisfy fans and readers of “Ancika: Dia yang Bersamaku 1995”.

Chintya Gabriella also expressed her pride in being able to sing and be involved in this project. “I think this song is very special because I found the meaning of the lyrics to be so deep. Moreover, it is a work by Pidi Baiq, and it is a great honor for me to be able to sing a song from Pidi Baiq’s work, who is also one of my idols,” said Chintya Gabriella.

In 1995, DILAN, the former gang leader, falls in love with Ancika (Zee), a girl who hates gangs. Not only that, Ancika also doesn’t like dating, and she clearly doesn’t like Dilan. So Dilan has to find a way to conquer this girl who is so different from Milea, his ex. The age difference and environment make Dilan’s efforts double, especially since Ancika is jealous despite her mature attitude that is not appropriate for her age. Dilan’s struggle becomes even more difficult. But love is like that, right? It has to be fought for! Ancika: “She (Milea) may have a past, but I have Dilan”. “Ancika: Dia yang Bersamaku 1995” will be released in theaters throughout Indonesia starting January 11, 2024.


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