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Tegar: A Movie to Open Our Sight about Disabilities

“Tegar”, directed by Anggi Frisca, is a project and laboratory of shared dreams for everyone who supports building inclusive society in Indonesia and the world. The ideology adopted is one of the SDGs campaigns entitled “leave no one behind”, which means to provide a room for equality, expression, to set aside differences, and to focus on growth that can be carried out.

“Tegar” tells us the story of a child with special needs (M. Aldifi Tegara) who wanted to go to school and have friends. On his 10th birthday, his grandfather (Deddy Mizwar) promised Tegar the opportunity to go to school, but Wida (Sha Ine Febriyanti), Tegar’s mother, strictly forbade it.

Wida always hid Tegar and his condition from others, because she was worried that Tegar would get unwanted treatment from people. When his mother left him to work and his nanny returned to her hometown, he was trapped in his house alone. That was when he decided to leave home and started his journey to pursue his dream of going to school to make friends.

Everyone who is involved in and supports the production and movement of the film “Tegar” is referred as #TemanTegar. The mutual cooperation and blows radiated throughout the movie prove that “Tegar” is more than just a film and #TemanTegar is a movement, a vision, and an encouragement to build an inclusive society in Indonesia. Hopefully, this film can open up more space for the inclusive community in Indonesia to express and be empowered.

The film “Tegar” will conduct special screenings in 10 cities in Indonesia including Bali, Bandung, Bekasi, Tangerang, Bogor, Solo, Semarang, Jogja, Malang and Surabaya. The 10 points were chosen based on the area with the largest number of cinemas, the densest population in Indonesia, and also the area with the most schools.

Because the main target of the film “Tegar” is parents and school children. A special screening of the film “Tegar” was held with the aim of introducing the crew and cast of the film “Tegar”


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