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The 101 Malang OJ Held Coloring Activities for Children with Disabilities to Raise Awareness of Arts and Culture

The 101 Malang OJ held a social activity for people with disabilities to raise awareness of arts and culture on October 29, 2022. This activity was a part of corporate social responsibility projects. Corporate social responsibility or CSR is a concept or action taken in the business world or industry as a sense of responsibility. The responsibility will be aimed at social and the surrounding environment.

The CSR program that they held was related to art, namely “Coloring Activities for Children with Disabilities”. This event was a form of their concern for others and connecting togetherness with young generation. It reminds us that anyone has the right to create and deserves to be appreciated for their efforts and results.

General Manager of The 1O1 Malang OJ, Ade Sudrajat said, “The event is a form of concern and love for art and culture, which is one of the things that is valuable and needs to be preserved. So, our children and grandchildren can know the various arts and cultures that we have”.


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