Suara Kayu Shares Siblings Story in “Kembali Pulang”

Suara Kayu released a new song “Kembali Pulang”, , a collaboration with Feby Putri, on October 28, 2022. This song was written by Suara Kayu and Feby Putri while the official music video director by Oby Ray. The official music video, which was released on the same day, tells the story of a pair of brothers who were abandoned by their parents. The shooting location in Bali also has a story of its own.

This easy listening pop genre single tells the story of how a person accepts feelings of disappointment, sadness, and decides to return home.

“Kembali Pulang” tells the story of a journey to accept every wound, to seek happiness in those who are not bound, and then to be disappointed. Until you finally realize, there is a door that is always open, regardless of distance and time, a person who is always waiting for you to return home,” said Ingrid Tamara in a written press release Friday, May 20, 2022. (

Dewangga, member of Suara Kayu, said that Suara Kayu is known for its funny and happy songs, but actually in every EP, we have to insert one song that tells about our sadness. This time we share our sad story with Feby Putri, combining 2 colors into 1.

Suara Kayu hopes that this song will be warmly received by listeners in Indonesia. ‘‘Kembali Pulang’’ can now be enjoyed on all digital streaming platforms in Indonesia. Official Music Video also airs on Suara Kayu Youtube channel.


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