The Adaptation Committee is Kicking Off Regional Efforts to Get Ready for a New Era of Climate Resilience

The UNFCCC’s Adaptation Committee has launched regional events to protect populations from the effects of climate change. These events were launched during Korea Global Adaptation Week, which runs from August 28 to September 1, 2023. As the international community prepares for the first global stocktake at COP28 in Dubai, the emphasis is on regional engagement. (

The inaugural event, titled ‘Boosting region-wide coherence on adaptation,’ centered on the Asia-Pacific context. It emphasized the transition from project-level thinking to programmatic systems-thinking, crucial for achieving transformative change and building resilience. The event aimed to improve understanding of regional and transboundary adaptation efforts, explore collaborative solutions, identify synergies, and align with the global adaptation agenda.

The event focused on regional projects addressing transboundary issues such as migration and shared watercourses to discuss adaptation, resilience, and adaptive capacity. It emphasized the International Organization for Migration’s creation of a Pacific climate-related mobility framework.

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For long-term adaptable projects, scientific insights are essential, and the Adaptation Committee is instrumental in increasing awareness and developing capacity. Due to a lack of coordination, worries have been expressed about potential risks posed by national projects to nearby nations.

The Adaptation Committee’s agenda includes upcoming regional events such as Africa Regional Climate Week in Nairobi, Middle East & North Africa Regional Climate Week in Riyadh, and Latin America & the Caribbean Regional Climate Week in Panama City. The events aim to speed up adaptation efforts and promote collaboration in addressing climate change impacts on vulnerable populations.



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