The Baduy Tribe Demand Internet Signals Removed from Their Area, Will it Affect the Communication Network?

The Baduy tribe in Kanekes Village, Leuwidamar District, Lebak Regency have asked for the signals in their area to be removed. This request was conveyed through a letter made by the Leader of the Baduy Traditional Institution to the Regent of Lebak Iti, Octavia Jayabaya, and became a viral topic.

The letter signed by Head of Kanekes Village Jaro Saija contains two points of request. First, residents asked to remove the internet signal or divert the signal transmitter so that it does not go towards Baduy Ulayat Land. 

The second point is a request to limit, reduce or close negative applications, programs and content on the internet that can affect the morals. The application letter was sent to the Government after holding deliberations between the barisan kolot in Baduy.

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Will it affect the communication network?

The communication system on BTS poles has different channels and frequencies between the internet network and cellular communications such as telephone and SMS. Setting up the BTS so that one channel is turned off can prevent other networks from being disturbed.

In addition, the blackout location area can be set so that only certain areas will be turned off, based on the instructions.

Besides that, the discretion in Baduy cultural tourism visitors with the removal of the internet network is not something to worry about. Jaro Saija emphasized that their customary rules must be maintained and preserved. According to him, removing the internet signal in Baduy settlements will actually be unique for people who want to come to Baduy.

He is optimistic that removing the internet signal will actually bring in tourists to Baduy, both from Indonesia and abroad, because people are becoming increasingly curious. Thus, it only remains to help inform and educate cultural tourism activists.

Head of Department of tourism and culture for Lebak Regency, Imam Rismahayadin, said that his party would accommodate the proposal and discuss it with the central government.

He said, “We do not dispute the decision of the customary institution to abolish the signal in the Baduy area. We will forward the proposal of the customary elders to remove the internet signal to the central government,” 


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