Batu City held Gerakan Nasional 1000 Startup Digital For the First Time

Batu City for the first time conducted Gerakan Nasional 1000 Startup Digital  (1000 Digital Startups National Movement) in Graha Pancasila Balai Among Tani building, Saturday, June 3, 2023. Some influencers from Batu City and Malang and startup makers attended to share knowledge about startups to young entrepreneurs who wanted to have a digital business. 

The Head of Batu City’s Communication and Information Service, Onny Ardianto, S.Sos opened the event and gave great appreciation for the young people who were ready to face the digital era with their creativity. He believed that Gerakan Nasional 1000 Startup Digital is the first step to create a good digital economy future that will change the nation. 

Sausan Putri, the Regional Operations Manager of Gerakan Nasional 1000 Startup Digital explained that there were 6 issues to tackle, namely how to increase public response to visiting Batu City, how to increase visits to various tourist destinations, and how to increase community response to the digitalization of the tourism industry. Not only that, the issue of trash due to the increase of tourism spots and visitors also has been a concern in Batu City that needs to be resolved. 

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Gerakan Nasional 1000 Startup Digital is a development program for early-stage startups held by the Ministry of Communication and Information together with the Directorate General of Informatics Applications. The program has been running since 2016. 

It facilitates the participant to build a network and to get support in terms of knowledge and funding. The program focuses on Agriculture, Marine, Health, Education, Tourism and Logistics.

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